Program at a glance

SessionWednesday 16thThursday 17thFriday 18th
Lunch break12:00-16:3012:00-16:30
EveningOpen meeting at 21Social dinner at 19:30

Detailed technical program

Wednesday, January 16th, Morning

8:00-8:30Registration and welcome
Session A: SDN/NFV (Chair: Simon Pietro Romano)
8:30-8:50SENATUS: an experimental SDN/NFV Orchestrator - Sebastian Troìa
8:50-9:10Toward Flexible and Efficient In-Kernel Network Function Chaining - Sebastiano Miano
9:10-9:30Music-Defined Networking - Flavio Esposito
9:30-9:50eBPF4FPGA: pushing eBPF towards smartNICs - Marco Bonola
9:50-10:40Segment Routing, IPv6 Segment Routing (SRv6) and the SRv6 Network Programming model - Stefano Salsano
10:40-11:05Coffee break
11:05-11:20ETSI Specialist Task Force 515 Project Results: New Freely Available Teaching Materials for Education on ICT Standardization - Raffaele Bolla
Session B: Security 1 (Chair: Raffaele Bolla)
11:20-11:40Securing Linux with a Faster and Scalable Iptables - Matteo Bertrone
11:40-12:00The Docker Security Playground - Simon Pietro Romano

Wednesday, January 16th, Afternoon

16:30-17:00Coffee break
Session C: 5G (Chair: Giuseppe Piro)
17:00-17:20New challenges in renewable powered 5G networks - Daniela Renga
17:20-17:40An Intelligent and Elastic Framework for 5G Architecture - David Gutierrez Estevez
17:40-18:00Elastic 5G Network Function design and Orchestration: a primer - Marco Gramaglia
18:00-18:20Robotic-aided Internet of Things: automated deployment of a 6TiSCH Network using an Unmanned Ground Vehicle - Pietro Boccadoro
Session D: Security 2 (Chair: Maria Luisa Merani)
18:20-18:40Anonymity Services Tor, I2P, JonDonym: Classifying in the Dark (Web) - Antonio Montieri
18:40-19:00Protecting In-Vehicle Services with a Secure SOME/IP Protocol - Marco Iorio

Thursday, January 17th, Morning

Session E: Edge computing (Chair: Marco Fiore)
8:30-8:50LiveMicro: An Edge Computing System for Collaborative Telepathology - Alessio Sacco
8:50-9:10Rapid Prototyping for the Edge - Offloading to the Cloud - Csaba Kiraly
9:10-9:30Distributed Orchestration for Edge Computing Resources with Guarantees - Gabriele Castellano
9:30-9:50Smart Audio Sensors in the Internet of Things Edge for Anomaly Detection - Mattia Antonini
9:50-10:40Walking through the fog (computing): trends, use-cases and open issues - Elio Salvadori
10:40-11:00Coffee break
Session F: Routing and transport (Chair: Fabio Martignon)
11:00-11:20Performance of IPv6 Segment Routing in Linux Kernel - Andrea Mayer
11:20-11:40Analysis and Simulation of LoRaWAN networks - Davide Magrin
11:40-12:00XTRA: XFSMs for TRAnsport Layer Function Offloading - Angelo Tulumello

Thursday, January 17th, Afternoon

16:30-17:00Coffee break
17:00-17:50Empowering 5G and Beyond Cloudification with Millimeter Waves Communications - Emilio Calvanese Strinati
Session G: Wireless networks (Chair: Carla Fabiana Chiasserini)
17:50-18:10New scenarios for resource slicing and sharing in beyond 5G networks - Antonio Capone
18:10-18:30Fast Mobile Traffic Prediction from Raw Data using LSTM Networks - Paolo Dini
18:30-18:50Random Access Procedure in NB-IoT: a Joint Study from Analytical and Simulation Perspectives - Sergio Martiradonna
18:50-19:10Networked CPS for adaptive fluid dynamics in the field of vehicles - Stefano Giordano

Friday, January 18th, Morning

Session H: Next-generation networking 1 (Chair: Matteo Sereno)
8:30-8:50Decentralized Scalable Dynamic Load Balancing among Virtual Network Slice Instantiations - Franco Davoli
8:50-9:10How Should I Slice My Network? A Multi-Service Empirical Evaluation of Resource Sharing Efficiency - Marco Fiore
9:10-10:00Monitoring of Bats in the Wild Using Next Generation Ultra Low Power Sensor Networks - Falko Dressler
10:00-10:20Coffee break
Session I: Next-generation networking 2 (Chair: Stefano Salsano)
10:20-10:40Slicing Cell Resources: The Case of HTC and MTC Coexistence - Paolo Castagno
10:40-11:00Adaptive cuckoo filter - Salvatore Pontarelli
11:00-11:20Fog Networking Solutions at the Edge: Computational Offloading Models and Implementations - Daniele Tarchi
11:20-11:40Babel Wi-Fi: Teaching new languages to Smartphones - Francesco Gringoli
11:40-12:00Exploiting spatial correlation through reputation to secure distributed sensing cognitive radio network systems - Alessandro Galeazzi
Closing remarks